Volunteer Bereavement Befriender Colchester job in CO at Age Concern

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Employer - Age Concern
Job title - Volunteer Bereavement Befriender Colchester
Job Description
About Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex
Age Concern Colchester & North East Essex is a Charity which is focused on making life better for individuals in later life. The current services that we provide cover:-
Identifying benefits that those over 60 are entitled to and supporting in the application process
Providing a befriending service according to the needs of the individual
Supplying a qualified and vetted list of handyperson individuals who can support the elderly
Provides clubs for those in older life for companionship
Supports in times of bereavement and end of life
Runs a community hub and cafe for those in later life
The people that volunteer and work with us our special and provide a great deal of care for those in later life and who need support, advice, information and sometimes just someone to listen.
Large numbers of older and vulnerable people are being affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Sadly, an increasing number of people are needing emotional and bereavement support at this distressing time. We will do all we can to offer support within our local community- both directly to those affected by CV19, and to partner organisations like St Helena Hospice.
What are we looking for?
Emotional Support and Bereavement Befriending Volunteers
We are now recruiting for a team of specialist volunteers to help us provide emotional support to the families of those who are struggling during the Covid19 pandemic and may have been bereaved. If you have previous skills and training in counselling; support work; working with the bereaved; or have lived through a past bereavement which you feel has given a foundation from which to support others we are particularly interested in hearing from you.
Specifics of this role
Due to social distancing guidance this befriending role will be carried out remotely- via methods like voice and video call in the first instance. When the current crisis has passed, the project will expand to offer face to face befriending support to those who have chosen to end their lives at home.
Emotional Support and Bereavement Befriending volunteers need to have:
Skills/ experience
Good communication and listening skills
Skills, training or personal experience in support, counselling, bereavement and loss
Experience of working or volunteering with older people and families
Awareness of and sensitivity to the issues faced by those needing emotional support and recently bereaved
Good telephone and face-to-face manner
Open and adaptable
Respectful and courteous
Patience and understanding
Sensitivity, compassion and tact
Ability to:
work flexibly with available technology to offer support
make written client records where necessary
work autonomously
monitor and report on own workload
Commitment to:
undertake relevant training and supervision as required
communicate well with your supervisor about all client information
maintain confidentiality
adhere to data protection and safeguarding policies & procedures
Practical Considerations
We have a very varied range of volunteering opportunities so if this role doesn't work for you, let us know so we can find something that is right for you and the client
We want you to enjoy your volunteering and we really value regular feedback
Whilst all applications to volunteer are on equal merit we really welcome those in later years
People fund what we do, so we often need to ask y
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Job Location Colchester CO
Date Posted 13 Sep 2020
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