Legal Process Server/Private Investigator job in Walsall at DPJ Servers Ltd

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Employer - DPJ Process Servers Ltd
Job title - Legal Process Server/Private Investigator
Job Description
The successful candidate for Process Serving will be looking for or attending known addresses of people know to the Courts. You will be required to Serve confidential documents and be able to keep a professional distance from the Respondent. You will be required to swear or affirm service of the said documents, completing legal paperwork. You will be provided with protective equipment/uniform.

As a Private Investigator you will be required to interview our clients, carryout covert surveillance, either visually or with the use of covert devices. Generate reports that will be provided as evidence for our clients. No uniform in this role.
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Job Location Walsall
Date Posted 09 Aug 2020
Employer Email --No Email
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